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We are always interested in hearing from people who share our passion for inspiring nature connection in themselves and others. Often we are asked, "What do you actually do at Merrohawke?" The answer appears simple at first glance: we play with kids outside. We do so in all weather in all habitats in all seasons, all in celebration our our unique corner of the New England coastline. That's right--rain, snow, sun, fog, winter, summer, fall, spring, rivers, oceans, saltmarshes, sandy beaches, mudflats, deep ocean, maritime forests, vernal pools and broad green lawns and meadows. We dig holes to China, build epic sandcastles and fairycastles, catch our dinner and chase shadows in discovery of own inner wild selves as we reconnect kids to nature, each other, and themselves. We encourage youth to make connections to the earth on their own terms, and we seek to inspire this connection to last their whole lifetime, and beyond. We do this all through a complex, multi-layered educational model that dates back thousands of years through the context of a maritime lens that suits our community best.

Are we environmental educators? Sort of.... but not exactly. Outdoor educators? Sort of.... but not exactly. We walk beside those we share time with as mentors. We aim to connect with both heart and mind. We inspire curiosity versus just fill up on facts. We invest our time into and care deeply about all who cross our path. We think seven generations ahead. We are on the forming edge of a new model of nature-based learning that is rooted in ancient traditions and emerging in practice globally by many very good folks equally passionate about kids and nature. We are outside in all weather in all seasons for long hours with lots of amazing kids.

By now, future Merrohawke staff are thinking, "YES! Sounds great!" If you aren't so sure our style is for you, then perhaps it's time to look elsewhere... If you are onboard with us, please consider applying. We'd love to get to know you.


There are no open positions at this time.


Our volunteer Apprenticeship in Maritime Nature Connection is designed for teens ages 14 & 15 wishing to journey down the path towards possible employment as staff. Through a minimum of three mutually agreeable weeks spent as an apprentice (more time is optional and desirable), teens will develop an understanding of our diverse programs through the lens of serving in a leadership role. Apprentices will be mentored in developing their leadership skills, identifying their unique gifts, and working in a collaborative and professional manner. This is a two-year journey. Year one requires participation across three different age groups and/or locations. Year two will be spent developing a more focused and deeper understanding of our programs, and determining an ideal future path as a member of our crew. Apprentice positions are highly selective and limited to a handful of teens each summer. Successful completion of the apprenticeship program likely will lead to, but does not guarantee, future employment.

The application process for summer 2014 has closed. To apply for summer 2015, complete and return BCNS_Teens_app_web application by Friday, February 6, 2015.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Must be aged 14 or 15
  • Minimum of two years’ participation in BCNS programs as participant and/or volunteer.
  • Demonstrated interest in children, marine science and nature as evidenced through volunteer service, prior work experience, participation in other nature based wilderness programs, hobbies and/or recreational pursuits.
  • Willingness to assist in nature-based learning programs across diverse age groups in any location, land or sea.

We welcome interns who are curious, playful, passionate about nature and kids, and excited about education outdoors. Interns will help advance our mission by doing whatever task is necessary to provide the best experiences outdoors in our community for kids to be kids and connect with the land and sea on their own terms. This may involve but is not limited to leading or assisting with education programs in all seasons, in all weather, outdoors, for all ages, on land and on the water; developing one’s own naturalist skills through participation in training; and deeply engaging in any number of ongoing projects within the organization as one finds most appealing (marketing, communications, development, nonprofit management, maritime industry and boat handling, etc.) All internships are crafted according to mutually beneficial goals and agreements.


  • Hold a college degree or significant related life experience
  • 21 years of age or older. Career changers welcome. Recent high-school graduates and gap year students considered.
  • Positive experiences in working with children in an educational outdoor setting
  • Self-motivated, organized and able to work without supervision
  • Knowledge of, or interest in, the natural and cultural history of coastal New England
  • Able to multi-task and switch gears on a moment’s notice when nature offers up something remarkable


  • Outdoor nature-based education with large and small groups
  • Program and curriculum development
  • Willing and able to work long hours in summer
  • General maintenance and care of land and maritime assets
  • Administrative tasks
  • Engagement in at least one of the organization’s many ongoing projects


  • Learn nature-mentoring from our core staff
  • Gain teaching experience and expand knowledge of coastal natural history
  • Extend your knowledge behind the scenes with a look at what it takes to run an environmental nonprofit organization: fundraising, budgets, marketing, etc.
  • Develop leadership skills and deepen understanding of one’s own gift


Internships run summers only, semester-long or for one-year. We will assist in finding housing nearby; a modest stipend may be arranged.

To Apply, complete application and email to us. Application is here: BCNS_Intern_App

Summer Internships: Apply by May 1st.
Fall Internships: Apply by July 1st.
Winter/Spring Internships: Apply by November 1st.
Year-long internship applications accepted on a rolling basis.


Board members engage in the oversight of our 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and use their passion and professional expertise to help us advance our mission to provide meaningful education outdoors for children and families in Essex County. Board members serve one year terms, renewable annually each fall. We meet the first Saturday of the month, early in the morning, and as needed by email. If you'd like to be a part of a young and thriving nonprofit organization, please email Kate Yeomans, executive director & co-founder.